To residents, families, and friends of Morningstar Care Homes, 

Dear Friends, 

Things have gone well in our care homes during the first week of implementing the CDC Guidelines and other government orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are stocked with medical supplies, food, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment and other necessities, and our utility services have had no interruptions. Our caregivers have continued to serve the residents, cheerfully working overtime when needed, and we have no employees or residents who have tested positive with COVID 19.

Depending on how widespread the disease becomes in Kansas, we anticipate that some of our employees will be on leave, and we are working to temporarily hire displaced healthcare employees from other companies who may have reduced hours due to the pandemic, for example, hospice company employees who serve nursing facility residents who are not in need of essential services at the end of life. We have also had support from employment agencies.

None of us can foresee the future in these uncertain times, but we will certainly continue to comply with government guidelines and executive orders to curtail spread of the disease in the United States and will do everything in our power to ensure your loved ones’ needs are met. The general plan is to continue our efforts during the President’s 15-day program to reduce the spread of COVID-19. At the end of March we should know more about how the government will guide us in our future operations.

I want to thank you not only for complying with the no-visitor rules, but also for your kindness to our staff. They need your prayers and affirmation as much as the residents do, as many have children and aging parents who need care. We have daily meetings with our managers, nurses and supervisors to check on morale and undergird them in any way possible. I’m very proud of our team for courageously carrying out their duties. We know they have fears and concerns and we continue to help them maintain a calm demeanor.

I wish I could mend your broken hearts, and we miss the critical element of your visits in our homes. Louisa May Alcott said, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” Please know you can call me at any time if you have concerns in the midst of the storm we are facing together.



Scott D. Schultz, President (785) 893-5575 (voice line)

622 HIGH STREET | PO BOX 445 | BALDWIN CITY, KS 66006 1 785.594.2603